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Zion National Park-Hiking The Narrows

This has probably been one of our favorite places to visit so far. I would highly recommend staying more than one day if you can to see the full park. We stopped at Zion National Park when we were on a roadtrip from Salt Lake City to Phoenix. We went to Zion National Park to hike The Narrows. If you want to bring your own hiking stick, there are several places to get them. They have shops where you can purchase them or if you want to bring one from Amazon, here is a great option for a set of two (here is the link) or one (here is the link) There are a lot of rocks and we used the hiking sticks a lot on this hike. We wished we had brought our own. We always carry a book bag that carries our phone, money, car keys, etc and this was very useful (here is the link)

This is such an amazing experience and if you get the chance to go, it is worth it. We spent around 3-4 hours here. We ate at the restaurant and shopped at the different shops also before we went.

We rented all of our gear at the National Park, we didn’t bring our own. They ran out of the pants, so we rented the waders. We stayed fairly dry, I think we ended up with some water in our shoes.

They have shuttles that take you up to The Narrows. You then have a short hike to get farther back into The Narrows along a path. After you are done hiking a shuttle takes you back to the main area at the bottom. There are places to stay overnight in the park, however we did not stay

Some parts were deeper than others and could get up to about waist high. The water was slightly chilly when we went, but like I mentioned before the gear kept most of the water out so only our feet got slightly wet.

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