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Ten Items We Don’t Travel Without- Amazon and T.J. Maxx Edition

Looking to go on a roadtrip? These are some of the top items we take traveling almost everywhere we go.

Disclosure: This blog post has affiliate links, so we may make a comission if you purchase a product through these links at no cost to you.

Not only may this post help someone else, it will also serve as a reminder of what we need to pack 🙂 Here are our favorite recommendations!

  1. Wallet/Purse (including money, license, etc.) This seems pretty obvious, but it definitely makes the list. We are both huge amazon fans so we do most of our shopping here. The BROMEN crossbody bag is amazing because it serves as a wallet/clutch/purse. I was gifted this for Christmas and have been using it since. I really like how it is small and lightweight, but also can carry my phone. This purse is 25% off right now on Amazon. Also, here is the link for our recommendation for the Carbon Fiber Wallet by the brand UNIKTREND. It has around 1600 reviews with good reviews and is on sale right now for $17.99. It is light weight and slim. It can hold cards and cash which is nice.
  2. Tripod– There are so many places you can get a tripod including Walmart, Target, etc. Personally if you are looking for cheaper options, you may be able to find one on Amazon. We have linked our recommendations in other posts. We are both taller, so we had to find one that would work for us. If you love sales like us, there is a tripod on Amazon for less than $24 dollars and it has 72,000 reviews. It is 51′ and is an extendable tripod stand. The link for that is here.
  3. Hiking Backpack– Our recommendation is the Teton Sport Oasis backpack. It has pockets on the side for water bottles, lots of color options, and is good quality. There is also a hydration pack included. I am not suprised is the #1 best seller right now and has over 12,500 reviews, with 4.6/5 stars. If you are wanting to learn more about it here is the link.
  4. Clothes. Don’t forget your swimsuits/trunks, leggings, jackets, hats, etc. These are all great for hiking. I have found my favorite leggings and have ordered several pair from 90 degree by Reflex high waisted leggings.
  5. Hiking Boots– The men’s boots we got from a T.J. Maxx store and are a Under Armour brand. They are super comfortable and can be used for more than just hiking, which is nice. The Columbia Newton Ridge women’s hiking boots are comfortable and durable. They also support the ankles.
  6. Tennis shoes– We are both obsessed with Adidas shoes. We have had great luck with these and have found some really great deals on Amazon that were much cheaper than some in-store prices. I personally have four pairs of Adidas Women’s Sneakers from Amazon. He uses the Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Running shoes. These shoes last us a long time.
  7. Sunglasses– I don’t personally use sunglasses, but my husband wears the brand Oakley. Here is the Oakley pair he uses. He got these from Amazon for a birthday present and wears them all of the time. If he forgets these, we usually will buy some sunglasses from a gas station.
  8. Water bottles– Our favorite water bottles we bought at T.J, Maxx. They keep the water really cold!
  9. Portable phone charger– Here is a 2-pack of Portable Chargers from Amazon. These have 55,000+ ratings. If you are looking for only one, there are a lot of great options too.
  10. Camera– I think traveling with a camera is necessary. Whether it be the camera on your phone, a fancy camera, or even a polaroid camera. We personally bring a Polaroid Camera because we think they are so much fun. This polaroid camera has over 14,500 reviews and 4.7 stars, however there are so many great options so I would recommend looking for the one best for you!

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