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Hiking Trails on our Bucket List Near Portland, Oregon

4T trail-

We would love to travel to Oregon one day and these are some of the trails we would like to hike. The information about the trails is from

1. The Wildwood Trail– This trail can be up to 29.5 miles long with 3,113 feet of elevation gain. The trail is rated hard.

2. Multnomah Falls Trail: This is a 2.40 mile long trail that has 810 ft of elevation gain and takes around an hour and 31 minutes to hike

3. The 4T Trail– This is a 9 mile trail that has around a 1,571 ft elevation gain. It is ranked as moderate.

4. Hoyt Arboretum Trails-This is a 1.3 mile long trail that has about 213 feet of elevation gain.

5. Wildwood Trail and Leif Erickson Drive– This is a 4.3 mile long trail that has 479 ft of elevation gain. Estimated time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

6. Tryon Creek Triple Bridge Loop– This trail is ranked as moderate and has a river. There is 541 feet of elevation gain and is 3.5 miles long.

7. Skyline Cruise Loop Trail- This trail is a 2.8 mile long trail that is ranked as moderate. There is 501 ft of elevation gain.

8. Northwest Firelane 15 Road to Northwest BPA Road Loop– This is an approximately 3.8 mile long trail with 754 feet of elevation gain. This is a moderate trail.

9. Pittock Mansion via Wildwood Trail– This is a 2.7 mile moderate rated trail. This has about 390 feet of elevation gain.

10. Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail– This is ranked as a moderate trail that is 6.1 miles long. It is an estimated 3 hours and 39 minute hike

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