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Looking for Rental Cars?

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If you are like my husband and I and love to save money when traveling, then you may enjoy this blog. If you are new to this site, my husband and I like to take small trips often for weekend getaways. Please feel free to read some of the other blogs on our website to see where we have traveled and some of our favorite recommendations!

Now, often with traveling we fly to our destination. Which usually requires us to get a rental car. We are the type that likes to save money when we can, so we are always looking for a great deal. Today, I would like to discuss two of many different options for finding rental cars.

The first topic we are going to discuss is Discover Cars.

When going to their website they claim there are no hidden costs, 24/7 support and free cancellations. In my opinion, it is off to a great start. You can choose your pick up location and choose your location and the dates you will need the rental. Then you can search for the cars available. They claim there are over 500+ Providers including Hertz, Alamo, and Budget.

When you hit the search button, several options appear on the screen. What I really like is that they give you a lot of information about the vehicle and they start will the more budget friendly options. Also, it gives information such as the type of car, the amount of seats, Roadside Assistance options and pick-up location. On the website, they also tell you the documents you need to bring if you rent a car. They may also have different fees for the vehicles depending on your age.

It appears on their website that the ratings are above a four on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, and reviewcentre.

If you are interested in checking this website out, here is the link to Discover Cars.

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The second topic of today is another rental car company called Economy Bookings

Immediately after going to their website, you can see they offer savings up to 50 percent. As of right now they also show that there are over 200,000 ratings and are rated a 4.48/5. This website claims they are over 800+ suppliers and 20,000+ locations. There are also over 2 million users and 14 years of operation if you are looking for this information, it is right on their site.

Again, for this website you can choose pick-up date, time, and location. They also have suppliers such as Hertz, Thrifty, Alamo and more. Something I also thought was interesting was that they claim they are the 1st among Car Rental Sites. The website also tells you the things you need to do when picking up the rental care and that is to find the counter, bring documents, be on time, inspect the car, and use a credit card. When you search, it also shows the savings you are getting.

Again, if you are interested you can search Economy Bookings in Google or click the link here.

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I hope this information is helpful and helps you find the rental car you need for your next trip!

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