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Hikes on Our Bucket List- Glacier National Park Edition

We are planing on visiting Glacier National Park soon, so this is a great time to make a list of trails we would like to hike!

Photo by Daniel Crowley on Unsplash (Grinnell Lake)

This is a place my husband and I have always wanted to go! Here are the top trails on our list. Information about the trails were obtained from They have a full list of trails and they give detailed information about each trail!

Photo by David Morris on Unsplash- Glacier National Park
  • Avalanche Lake-If you go via the Trail of the Cedars it is a 5.9 mile moderate out and back trail. It is ranked as moderate and it is estimated to take about 3 hours. There is about 757 feet of elevation gain.
  • Grinnell Glacier Trail- This is a hard ranked trail and takes almost 6 hours to complete. It is 11.2 miles and people have said they have seen a lot of wildlife on this trail. This trail has great reviews.
  • Hidden Lake Overlook- This is a moderate ranked trail and is almost 3 miles.
Cracker lake- Photo by Matt Thomason on Unsplash
  • Iceberg Lake Trail- This is over 9 miles and is a moderate trail that is estimated to take around 4 hours and 43 minutes.
  • Highline Trail- I have heard this trail is over 11 miles, but has gorgeous views. I have heard to start at the Logan Pass to walk more downhill.
  • Cracker Lake- Apparently this lake has a beautiful color and is a beautiful lake.
Avalanche Lake- Photo by Ty Crump on Unsplash
  • Rocky Point via Lake McDonald Trail- Moderate trail around 2.2 miles (estimated time- 1 hour)
  • Pitamakan Dawson Loop- I have heard this is a long and intense hike. I have heard point to point it is almost 18 miles. This isn’t recommended for people who are scared of heights.
  • Ptarmigan Tunnel- This is a 10.6 mile trail that has a lake. It is ranked as a hard trail
  • Haystack Butte Trail- over 8 miles and is and is estimated to take around 4 hours and 30 minutes

***Disclaimer: We recommend doing your research before trying these hikes and make sure that you are capable of hiking through different conditions. It is recommended that you know the level of difficulty the trails are before hiking them.

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