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Hikes on Our Bucket List- Acadia National Park Edition

Hello! We are doing our research to find some of the most recommended hikes in different locations. Today we will be discussing trails in Acadia National Park in Maine.

Photo by Trevor Hayes on Unsplash

We would like to travel to Acadia National Park in late September and early-mid October because we have heard late summer can be some of the busiest months. Here are the trails we would like to hike.

  • Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop- This trail supposedly has amazing sunrises! There is a drive to the summit and then a loop trail that has amazing views.
  • Jordan Pond Loop- Only has 42 ft of elevation gain and the hike is 3.1 miles long.
  • Pemetic Mountain- This can be a day hike and it has been said that this is not an easy stroll. This trail does involve hiking uphill, but there are inner lakes including Jordan Pond, Bubble Pond, and Eagle Lake
  • Ocean Path Trail- I have heard there are different points on this route including Thunder Hole, Otter Cove, Monument Cave and more. This is a 4.5 mile trail with a view.
  • Great Head Trail- This is a moderately ranked trail that is 1.8 miles long. You may see wildlife with this trail. I have heard there are awesome views with this trail.
  • Beehive, Gorham Mountain and Ocean Path Loop- This is a more intense hike and is rated as moderate-difficult. It is 3.5 miles. I have heard that this trail can get busy. The trail is pretty intense at the beginning and can be difficult for people who are not hikers. I have heard most people go counterclockwise, if you go clockwise you have to know how to climb down rock ledges. People have recommended to start early and to possibly reconsider if you are scared of heights.

***Disclaimer: We recommend doing your research before trying these hikes and make sure that you are capable of hiking through different conditions. It is recommended that you know the level of difficulty the trails are before hiking them.