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Bin Store Finds: Part One

Hello! One of our favorite hobbies is traveling to different bin stores. These items were from a bin store that had discounted items and returns! Each one of these products was seven dollars!!

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When looking this up on Amazon, this is a high frequency system that is reportedly safe and natural. They claim this product gives instant skin radiance and increases absorption of serums. They state that there are anti-aging benefits and reduces inflammation. To learn more information or if you are interested in buying the product, here is the link.

We are excited for this find! When I looked it up on Amazon, there are so many different colors. This is the 40 oz water bottle and it includes three lids. It is stainless steel and double walled. It claims to keep fluids cold for 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. If you are interested in this bottle, here is the link. It is still in perfect condition.

This product heated up very quickly and seems to work great! I have not tried this product yet.

This is a hair straightener brush. It is a Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener with LED. It has adjustable temperatures. This was out of stock with many Amazon sellers when I looked it up.

This is a heating pad that we found. It plugs into the wall and has different heat seating.

Follow along for more of our favorite finds!

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